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The Goshen Land Trust, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of volunteers, founded in 1980, for the purposes of improving the quality of life for current and future generations of Goshen, Connecticut area residents, through the preservation and protection of natural and open lands. Over the years, the Land Trust has secured ownership of 557 acres of land and conservation easements on an additional 183 acres. Much of this land is along stream corridors with wild beauty and historic mill sites. We acquired land on the Marshepaug River across from a waterfall, and have constructed a Land Trust office.

16 Mill Street Office


Directors meet on the 2nd Thursday of every other month at 7:30 pm at the Mill Street office, and our annual meeting is held on the third Friday in June. Members are welcome to all meetings and we’re always in need of volunteers to help with the operation of the land trust. Due to possible changes in meeting dates/times due to weather, etc., please contact a director to confirm.


In addition to meetings, the Goshen Land Trust sponsors a picnic in August, a booth at the Goshen Fair on Labor Day weekend, a historical Tour of Goshen each October as well as bird and wildflower walks throughout the year. See our Events calendar.

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Our Leadership Team


President:  Jim Thibault
Vice President:  (open)
Treasurer:  Barbara Herbst
Secretary:  Joyce Mowrey

Board of Selectmen Rep:  Todd Carusillo
Planning and Zoning Commission:  Don Wilkes
Goshen Conservation Committee Rep:  Iain Kinsella


Christopher Craig
Robert Donaldson
Peter Herbst
Gene Newell
Suzanne Newell
Susan Rinaldi
Laura Saucier

Our Mission

The Goshen Land Trust seeks to improve the quality of life for current and future generations of Goshen-area residents through the preservation and stewardship of natural and open lands.

​The Goshen Land Trust’s intent is to protect such land in perpetuity for the purpose of habitat preservation and enhancement, water quality protection, agricultural productivity, education, passive recreation, and scenic and historic preservation.

Our Conservation Goals

In order to achieve our mission, Goshen Land Trust seeks to preserve the following lands:

    1) Habitat of threatened or endangered species
    2) River corridors
    3) Large tracts of undeveloped land
    4) Corridors connecting preserved land
    5) Scenic and historic sites
    6) Prime agricultural land
    7) Land abutting protected land
    8) Other significant open space areas including wetlands and forested areas.

In addition, the Land Trust will accept donations of property that can be sold to fund the acquisition of priority lands. Such property will be designated as “trade land” at the time of acquisition.

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